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Tree Care
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Tree Injections & Tree Spraying

• EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) treatments
• Japanese beetle prevention
• Systemic insecticides
• Systemic fungicides
• Tree nutrient feeding

Tree Trimming and Removal

As a certified arborist company, we love trees and love to see trees being properly taken care of. As a company that is a member of the Nebraska Arborist Association and with certified arborists on staff, we can handle most trimming or removal projects our clients have.

Tree Growth Training

The most important time to trim a tree is within its first 5 years of life. Many trees develop growth issues from a young age that will turn into disasters in 20 years. Many trees that fall or split during storms are due to improper tree growth and directional training. We offer yearly inspections of trees where we train limbs in certain directions to insure proper growth and to prevent co dominate stems.

Emergency Clean Up

Having multiple tree & landscape crews on staff, we are quick to re-rout our crews to help with storm damage to get our client’s properties back into shape after a storm. Whether it be large or small, we can help with complete tree and landscape storm damage clean-up.

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