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Right plant, the right place is our landscaping motto. If you plant the wrong plant in the wrong place, it will die every year.

If you source your plant material from box stores that ship in plant material from down south, chances are it will die come winter. We only use high-quality plant stock, that comes from northern climates to ensure the highest quality source. 

Edible Landscapes

Do you enjoy growing edibles on your property? Do you want a functional landscape with the practical element of sourcing some edibles? Have us design an edible landscape where the two are merged into one theme. 


Every lawn & landscape company applies mulch in the spring, but few perform the task right. Mulching is the process of applying organic matter to trees or landscapes with a purpose or goal in mind. Sadly too many landscapes are coated with 6” of mulch or “Volcanoes” where tree rings are piled so deep in mulch, that Voles make their home in the mulch and kill the trees.

Cleaning of Landscapes

Need a spring or fall cleaning of the landscapes? Are your perennials over 7 years old and need dividing and splitting? We offer full landscape revamp services where we can divide existing material and transplant it into new areas of the property

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