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Five Reasons Why You Should Use a Geo-Grid Retaining Wall

Geo-grid is a material used in retaining walls to control their structure, stabilize slopes and prevent erosion. Flexible and robust, they are usually made of polyethylene or polypropylene, designed to withstand the forces of nature’s elements to prevent erosion. Then, the grids are filled with soil or other natural materials. This process helps to anchor the grid in place and prevent erosion from occurring.

Is a geo-grid retaining wall the right solution for your property? Let’s find out! We’ve put together a list of some of the top benefits of using geo-grid retaining walls for erosion control:

1. They are durable

The strength and durability of geo-grid retaining walls come from the interlocking cells within the grid, which create a strong and stable structure. The material used to make the grids is also resistant to UV radiation and other weathering, ensuring that your walls will remain in good condition for years to come.

2. They Allow Taller Walls

In addition to the longevity of the material the strength and structure that the geo-grid brings to the retaining wall allow for the wall to be built taller. This means that a retaining wall can be built with a smaller less obtrusive wall block that looks better in many circumstances than large-format concrete and stone.

3. They are easy to install

These walls require minimal equipment, and labor for proper installation. Geo-grid retaining walls can be easily installed by hand, making them a cost-effective solution for erosion control. The polyethylene grids are also customizable, can be cut to fit the desired shape and size of the slope, and can be filled with soil or other materials for extra weight and stability.

4. They are cost-effective

Compared to other retaining walls. Geo-grid retaining walls can be less expensive than different types, such as large-format concrete or stone. They may require less labor which reduces the installation costs.

5. They can be used in a variety of ways

Geo-grid retaining walls can be used in combination with other erosion control measures to provide additional stability. Geo-grid retaining walls can be used on slopes with angles ranging from 45° to 90°, making them suitable for various applications. They can also be used with other erosion control measures, such as vegetation or blankets, to provide additional stability and protection against erosion.

Be sure to check with your municipality, as every city may have its own rules regarding the maximum height you can build and fill out any necessary permits. If you need clarification on what the rules are where you live, you can find out by calling your local retaining wall builder. Here at Well Rooted Gardens, we are more than happy to help you navigate this process!

Overall, geo-grid retaining walls are an effective and potentially cost-efficient solution for slope erosion control. They are strong, flexible, easy to install, and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for many erosions control projects.

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